Air Conditioning & Air Heating

At Banner Aircon , we provide residential and commercial clients with the latest and most advanced air conditioning and air heating solutions to meet their needs. Our team creates customised cooling and heating plans to ensure the highest levels of comfort. Our specialists at Banner Aircon offer quality products that guarantee satisfaction.

Stay at an ideal temperature in any season with air conditioning and heating systems that make sure you’re comfortable no matter what the weather is like outdoors.Take advantage of no additional cost with 0% VAT when you get a new energy-efficient air conditioning and air heating unit from Banner Air Con.

The benefits of air conditioning & air heating

Some of the benefits of air conditioning & air heating units include:

  1. No need to manually open and close your windows or adjust radiators – use smart controls and remote settings to maintain a pleasant temperature, whatever the season. Air conditioning and heating will look after your environment with no input from you.
  2. Not just for those with allergies, having clean air in your home or business is important for everyone. Air conditioning helps ensure that the air circulating throughout is of a high quality, bringing in fresh air from the outside and making sure dirty particles are filtered out. Not only will this create a more comfortable environment, it’s also great for sharing with your family, friends and colleagues!
  3. Get some restful sleep and relax – We usually have a better night’s sleep when the air around us is cooler. Too much heat in the room can make it harder to drift off and increase our chances of waking up during the night.
  4. By regulating the temperature of your sleeping and waking area, you can ensure a good night’s sleep and set yourself up for success the following day.
  5. Controlling your allergies can be made easier by investing in an air conditioning system. Our units are designed with integrated air filters to help reduce the amount of dust, smoke, pollen and other airborne particles that could potentially trigger asthma or hayfever. With clean air circulating, you can start enjoying life without worrying about your allergies.

How do indoor air conditioning & air heating work?

Your home fridge is comparable to an air conditioner in the sense that it takes in warmer air and makes it cooler. An AC unit achieves this by guiding the hot air over a cold coil with refrigerant, helping to lower the temperature of the air.

With a built-in heating element, your air conditioner is capable of heating the air instead of just cooling it.

How does outdoor air conditioning work?

The outdoor unit functions similarly to the back of your fridge – allowing heat to escape, yet releasing the air from your home.The warm air is drawn into the indoor unit, and then passes through your wall before it is expelled to the outside via the outdoor unit.

Your air conditioner may be equipped with a dehumidifier, filter, fan and air purifier to ensure your home has quality air circulation and take in clean air.

Why Choose Banner Aircon?

Worcester Bosch accredited
We are proud to be your local Worcester Bosch accredited installers at Banner Air Con. As a business, we are fully trained independent installers specialising in the installation, service, and repair of Worcester Bosch air conditioning & air heating units.

Finance options available
We know that you may need a replacement air conditioning & air heating unit, but funds may not be available. This is why we offer a range of finance options to help cover the cost of your new energy-efficient air conditioning unit & installation.

F-Gas registered
If your business carries out the installation or servicing of refrigeration, air-conditioning or heat pump equipment that contains, or is designed to contain, F-Gas refrigerants then by law, you must obtain an F-Gas company certificate.

Up to 5 year guarantee
As your local Worcester Bosch accredited installers, we are able to offer a range of exclusive benefits that include finance options and guarantees of up to 5 years on your new energy efficient air conditioning unit.