Every five years, Gas Safe registered engineers have to re-sit their examinations. This is always done under a strict classroom environment with supervision. The exam covers two aspects, so we’re examined both in written and operational form.

The operational form is a supervised hands-on exam where we are assessed on our ability to undertake the correct processes on a day to day basis.

Both parts require us to achieve 100%, otherwise we are failed, meaning we are unable to carry out anymore gas work. This is why it’s always important to make sure your engineers are Gas Safe registered, it’s a very important accreditation to hold.

If you are a customer who requires gas work in your property, then please clarify with your engineer that they are Gas Safe registered and that their registration is up to date.


The list is quite long and hopefully obvious:

  • Gas boiler and all its components
  • Gas cooker and all its components
  • Gas hob and all its components
  • Gas fire and all its components
  • Gas pipework and components
  • Installation of any of the above
  • Servicing of any of the above
  • Repair to any of the above
  • Safety checks to any of the above
  • Emergencies to any of the above.

It is against the law for anyone to work on any gas appliance or pipework if they are not Gas Safe registered. Gas can be mains supplied, bottles (LPG) or bulk tank.

All Gas Safe engineers carry a card that you can check and they will be more than happy to show you this card when asked too.

If in any doubt you can ring Gas Safe who will be able to check if an engineer is registered or not.