6 signs that you may need a new boiler

The signs you need a new boiler are not always clear, but it can be frustrating when you find out your boiler does need replacing. Unless your heating has cut out or the water has run cold mid-morning shower, spotting the signs you need a new boiler is easy if you know what you're looking for. Here at Banner Plumbing we have provided the 6 signs you may need a new boiler.

old boiler

Bills, bills, bills, rising energy bills:
If your energy bills increased without any reason, it could be that your current heating system is losing efficiency due to being an older boiler. The older a boiler is, the less efficient it becomes. Your boiler should have a label displaying the efficiency rating of the boiler, making it easy to find out your boiler rating. The rating system is graded A-Rated (90%) efficiency to G-Rated (70%) efficiency, so if you upgraded from G to A, you could be in for a saving of a few hundred pounds a year.

Your radiators should heat up relatively quickly. If they don’t, that could be a sign that you need a new boiler. If it is the case, your boiler will be working to capacity to heat up lukewarm radiators; resulting in wasted energy and wasted money. Contacting a heating engineer to service your boiler might be a good idea. You may also want to consider a power flush through your heating system and your engineer will be able to explain the benefits of this further.

Leaky Boiler
Nobody likes a leak, but if there is a puddle of water near or around your boiler, then it needs to be fixed quickly. A leak could be a sign that your boiler has internal faulty parts. Whatever the cause, a leak can cause damage to your property and become a costly incident. If you discover a leak, contact a Gas Safety registered heating engineer to assess your boiler.

Noisy Boiler
If your boiler sounds more like your neighbour playing the drums or as if it was a washing machine with a brick on a slow cycle rather than an actual boiler, switch it off and call a heating engineer. Boilers are supposed to make a noise when you turn them on, but they are supposed to then level off into a quiet hum not dissimilar to a fridge. So, if your boiler is making an unusual noise, it might not be one of the signs you need a new boiler but a sign you should contact a registered Gas Safety heating engineer.

Smelly Boiler
A healthy boiler shouldn’t have an odour. If it does have a smell, it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak which, although naturally odourless, can cause a boiler to smell because the leaking CO is preventing the boiler from burning properly. Carbon Monoxide is extremely dangerous and in the event of a CO leak you should vacate the premises and contact the emergency gas line on 0800 111 999.

Old Boiler
The most obvious signs that you need a new boiler are the ones you’ve been living with for a while. The water takes longer than it used to heat up or the pressure is always dropping, your bills are not getting any cheaper, and the last time you replaced your current boiler, your soon-to-be teenager was still wearing nappies. If your current heating system is 10 years old or more, you could get more boiler for your money with a boiler upgrade. The more energy-efficient your boiler is, the more money you’re going to save on your energy bills.

There you have it, six signs you need a new boiler and if you’re not scrambling to find a Gas Safety registered engineer; then your boiler might not need replacing. It is still advised to ensure that your boiler receives an annual boiler service.

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