Having taken the leap of moving from London to Mid Wales, I knew job opportunities would be harder to come by.

I learnt that office jobs were not for me when I became a manager with BT after 7 years in the field as an engineer, but after looking into courses available in renewable energy I realised practical experience was key.

By complete chance, through a friend, my partner put my name forward to be a plumbing ‘apprentice’! I was really keen and was invited for the day to a big job Banner Plumbing was working on. Although I had no theoretical or practicable knowledge of plumbing and heating, I had a brilliant day and tried to soak in as much as I could. Oleh and Yvonne were keen to take someone on willing to learn and work hard, and I was grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn a new trade and form a new career.

Banner Plumbing started me off on an oil boiler course and I signed myself up to an NVQ2 in plumbing. It was a bit of a shock to the system at first with so much information to take in, but Oleh let me get ‘stuck in’ right from the start and that has helped me gain confidence quickly.

I started full time in Feb 2020, and my brain and body has hurt ever since!