Soon enough I was back in Cardiff for two weeks of gas practical training. No sooner had we sat down, and the instructor introduced himself as Jon, he put three calculations on the board and left us to work them out. Nine blank faces peered across at each other and then we all started sifting through our books trying to remember how to work out gas rates and installation volumes!

Once Jon had ensured he had panicked us all he eased off a bit and we were let loose on a room full of boilers, fires, and cookers. The nine of us with varying experience were split into pairs and tasked to ‘service’ all the appliances in the room. As all the boilers and fires have been taken apart 300 times there was barely a cover screw in sight or a legal installation- but I guess that’s what we were being trained on.

The majority of the first week was spent servicing and completing landlords’ certificates, the second week was spent finding faults Jon had put on the boilers and filling out pages and pages of write ups and paperwork.

The last day was spent going through what was expected of us for our portfolios, lots more write ups and paperwork plus five boiler installs and five services. Once that has all been done, I can book into the final week of theory and practical exams!!

Once complete i will be a step closer to becoming a fully qualifed gas engineer.