Being a newbie to plumbing and heating during a pandemic isn’t ideal as access to training courses has been quite difficult. After managing to squeeze in my oil exams between lockdowns it was time to start my gas qualifications. This meant doing all my theory training by way of webinars – 42 hours of trying to concentrate at the computer over evenings and weekends!

For such an in depth and complicated subject this was really challenging, with more than 40 people attending the webinars it wasn’t easy to ask questions! Once the lockdown measures were eased, I booked my day of theory exams – five morning exams, which if you passed you could move on to three more afternoon exams – no pressure! Three of the seven morning attendees made it through to the afternoon and I was very relieved to be one of them, just needed to pass three more exams! As the afternoon went on, I could hear that the other two guys had passed and left. As I handed in my last exam, I could only hope it was a good omen they had passed! A few minutes later the examiner said – ‘I thought we were going to get three out of three this afternoon ‘ my heart sank! He followed it with ‘and we did!’

What a relief, so pleased to have got through it – now on to two weeks practical training.